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"Thanks for your encouragement. It's clear that you really care about your students and their development - it's so nice to see." 


I had been taking lessons with 3 previous teachers for a total of 7 years before I found Eric. In less than two years the difference he has made in my voice is astounding. From recordings both prior to and after I started with Eric you can hear demonstrable improvements in intonation, phrasing, breathing and tone. He uses a holistic approach to teaching, but is very aware of posture, location of the 

sound, support and the mechanics of the human voice. In just a single lesson, by concentrating on a single suggestion, I found myself moving through the passagio with ease. In terms of knowledgeability and the ability to teach, one could not find a better maestro. 


"Thanks so much for the great training and support – I learned so much from this (one big thing is when something goes wrong don’t let my face show it (I know you’ve told me this over and over again…I will need to work on this and many other things). Anyway, I really enjoyed the show so much and just love your enthusiasm….and hard work….as my kids would say “you rock”!!! – I was really impressed with the Alan (only having taken 1 month of lessons and did so well). The Ave Maria at the wedding was perfect in everyone’s eyes – I didn’t run out of breath at all – THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME TO OVERCOME THIS BIG HURDLE!!! I didn’t even use my music book, looked at everyone and the bride and groom had tears in their eyes (they loved it)….the church was small and my voice carried very well – I was very happy with myself and thank you again." 



After only a few lessons with Eric I received many comments on how my singing had improved in 

precision, technique, and range. Eric’s experience as a performer and a teacher has been a wonderful help in approaching any style of music and getting the best out of it. His technical expertise in classical music was particularly helpful for me, while having a lot of fun during the lessons - not to mention the great monthly get together with all the students! 

It is one thing to be a great singer, it is another to be able to transmit one’s skills. Eric has both, and trust me, the results will come as matter of fact. 



"Eric, since working with you I now look back at my experiences with other "teachers" and with full certainty know how much knowledge and experience they sadly lacked. I had my first experience actually learning about technique of which I knew absolutely nothing, ( I 

remember the first time I sang for you... with lockjaw, wearing a girdle!) Luckily I still had a 

voice you could work with. I am very happy, exceedingly. I finally found a real teacher!! 



"Eric, I cannot thank you enough for how you have helped me build my voice over the past year. As an amateur singer I had developed many bad habits and had lost confidence in my singing ability. Your talent, expertise and knowledge combined with your warm and supportive attitude is bringing out the best in my voice. Not to mention your unwillingness to accept anything less than my best! I am singing music that I did not think I was capable of singing. Thank you so much for everything you have helped me to accomplish in such a short time." 


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